Serial Number: 
SAM 82

ONE OF A KIND RIFLE Kimber of Oregon M82 Super America in .22 W.M.R. Caliber with QTR Rib Sight Package AND  with a Serial Number that Matches the Kimber Model Number!!!

For the true Kimber of Oregon Collector and Enthusiast !!!

This extremely rare Kimber of Oregon M82 sporter combines attributes that are scarce and desirable with one attribute that is unique to this rifle alone. Consider the following characteristics/features/options:

  • Built in 1985, at about the mid-point in Kimber’s short life;
  • Model Characteristics consistent with early Model 82A in terms of bolt handle, cheekpiece style and post sling swivel studs;
  • A Super America, the pinnacle of Kimber’s cataloged rifle line;
  • Chambered in the .22 W.M.R. caliber, uncommon & sought after by collectors;
  • Stocked in highly figured & beautifully colored Claro walnut;
  • Fitted with a quarter rib, express sight package, a scarce & desirable option;
  • Papers include the factory, brown paper test target, dated & signed by the shooter;
  • NEW IN BOX condition, including the two piece brown box serialized to the rifle;
  • And most importantly, serialized with an alpha-numeric combination that makes this rifle the representative example of the Model 82: specifically “SA” for Super America; “M” for the magnum caliber; and “82”, completing the serial number AND matching the Model number!!  Yes, this rifle alone wears the serial number: “SAM 82” as the one Model 82 Super America in .22 W.M.R. with the numerals “82”.

This rifle represents a time when Kimber of Oregon was producing bolt action sporting rifles made in America for “collectors, shooters and firearms enthusiasts” around the world, certainly across North America. Serious collections were being assembled by men who valued the rifles for their cosmetic appeal as well as for their functionality on the range and in the field. Many of those men kept at least some of the Kimbers that they acquired in an unfired state. This Kimber was one of those increasingly rare examples --  collected and kept in a factory-new, unfired, unabused, unhandled condition for the past 37  years – but stored properly so that the rifle accumulated no rust or corrosion or safe rash. Additionally, the owner kept the two piece box and TEST TARGET in exceptionally fine condition with none of the issues that are commonly encountered – no water damage, no missing pieces, no tears or defacing marks or annotations.

Interestingly, especially to collectors of the Kimber of Oregon rifles and Predator pistols, we can assume that somewhere, some lucky owner or owners has or have one or two other Kimber of Oregon M82 Super America rifles, one in .22LR and one in .22 Hornet: with serial numbers that include the numerals “82” along with the letters “SA” for Super America in the case of the rifle chambered in the 22LR caliber, and “SAH” for Super America and Hornet in the case of the rifle chambered in the .22 Hornet caliber. Wouldn’t it be a great experience to have all three of these M82 Super Americas with the serial number matching the model number, especially if they all have the desirable quarter rib sight package option installed.

Details include:

OAL – 40 ½ inches

LOP – 13 5/8 inches

Barrel – Length at 22 inches; Sporter Taper; Stamped “KIMBER OF OREGON  CLACKAMAS, OREGON”

Muzzle Diameter – 5/8 inch

Weight – 6 pounds 15.7 ounces

Rounds Capacity – 3

Metal Finish – Deep Blue with High Polish

Receiver – Round Top with Grooved Sides for Scope Ring Mounting; Disc Safety with Red Dot OFF Warning; Left Side Markigs include “SAM 82” Serial Number and “Kimber Model 82 Super America”

Quarter Rib Express Sight Package – Sculpted Nose and Ramped, Hooded Front Sight; Forwarded ¼ inch of Hood is Checkered

Stock – AAA Claro Walnut with Ribbons of Chocolate Brown, Golden Honey and Blacks; Ebony Foreend Tip; Hand Formed Cheekpiece; Checkered Steel Neidner Style Butt Plate with Inletted Tip; Steel Pete Grizzle Style Grip Cap; 20 LPI Hand Cut Checkering Wrapping the Forearm and Crossing the Pistol Grip

Sling Swivel Studs -  Two Post Style, Steel Screw-In Studs

Box Mailing Labels – Dated “FEB 4’85”

Condition – Rifle is NIB with unblemished screw heads; Box is new and in excellent condition. This is a factory NEW rifle and box, in all respects.

For you Kimber of Oregon collectors, you can own a Kimber Model 82 Super America, and you can own one in the scarce .22 W.M.R. caliber, and you can even own one with a quarter rib express sight package option, and if you are VERY fortunate, you might own one with all of these attributes that is ABSOLUTELY  NEW in the original factory box WITH TEST TARGET ….. but … can NEVER own one with all of these blessings AND have the serial number MATCH the Model number … UNLESS you own this one!!!  The one and only.