For The Little Woman

The “L” of L & M Enterprises suggests that while you and I are enjoying beautiful firearms, we should remember that special someone with whom we share our lives. It seems like a good idea. Think of it: you unpack your new rifle, shotgun or handgun, and after you show it to “the little woman” and explain how much you “need” it and how much you appreciate the fact that she understands your feelings and needs, you surprise her with a beautiful, handmade (in the USA!!) crazy quilt purse embellished with ribbons, beads, antique silks and lace and other niceties that women enjoy. To add to your mutual pleasure, you show her that it holds at least a full box of rifle, shotgun or handgun cartridges, just in case she would like to know that interesting fact! What more could you ask for: beauty and utility! Now it is up to you, but I think you ought to consider it (filling it with cartridges is optional, of course).

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