Cooper Rifles on Order

As of January 2017, all Cooper rifles ordered prior to this date are on hand and available for sale. The only exceptions to this statement are special order, one of a kind Coopers that we have ordered for specific customers. You can find the listings for our available inventory on our website. If you are interested in the Cooper target rifles, known as the TRP-3s, you can use the SEARCH SITE function at the top left of the page to search for TRP.

Note that rifles delivered in Iowa must include the Iowa 7% state and local sales taxes, unless you are a dealer with a valid Resale License and are buying the rifle(s) for resale.

Sales taxes do NOT apply to mail/phone order sales shipped out of state.

Cooper enthusiasts know that a Cooper is one of the finest American made firearms you can own today. If you don't own a Cooper now, here is an opportunity to acquire one out of our current inventory, from our list of Coopers "on-order", or to order your "special Cooper" built with the features and options that you specify.

We look forward to serving you in 2017.

Best regards to you and yours,

Mike Talton
L & M Enterprises USA LLC

(C) 319-360-2873

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