A rare and wonderful Remington Arms presentation gift presented to Mr. Neil Thompson, Remington Arms Engineer, on the occasion of his retirement after approximately 42 years of service at Remington Arms. The presentation gift consists of the right side of a Remington Model 742 Woodmaster semi-automatic rifle, sawn in half longitudinally, mounted on a select-grade clear, solid, white pine plaque and dedicated with a brass plate inscribed “PRESENTED TO NEIL THOMPSON BY HIS FRIENDS IN DEPT. 82. MAY 28, 1971”.

A bit of historical perspective: Mr. Neil Thompson was one of a group of engineers assigned to develop first the Model 740 and then the Model 742 (prior to its introduction in 1960). Mr. Dennis Sanita, then the Manager of Product Service at Remington Arms, is quoted as saying that the developmental problems were exasperating and Mr. Thompson’s co-workers joked that they would give him a Model 742 when he retired. Mr. Thompson is said to have responded “If you do, I will saw it in half!”. Welllllll, Mr. Thompson’s co-workers took that declaration to heart and did it for him!!!

If you are a collector of Remington Arms firearms and/or are a fan of the Remington Arms Model 742, here is your opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind Remington Arms collectible and to display it in your  office, den, library, gun room, back window of your pick-up, or the ceiling of your bedroom (just kidding!). 

The presentation gift comes with a printed copy of an article (marked “DRAFT 04/04/2011) authored by Mr. Eugene Myszkowski of New York for the Remington Society Journal. The article is illustrated with images from the “Remington Action” from June-July 1971 showing Mr. Thompson, Senior Process Engineer, at his retirement ceremony. Additionally, there is a printed copy of a photo showing the US Navy presenting Remington Arms with the ARMY/NAVY “E” for Excellence award on November 9, 1942....with Mr. Thompson identified in the photograph as present for the presentation ceremony.

The condition of this remarkable collectible is pretty much as it was when Department 82 made the presentation to Mr. Thompson, with some minor oxidation on the brass plate and on the barrel finish. The photos attempt to give you views of both wood and metal. If you have questions, please call or email.