Kimber of Oregon Rifle Stocks -- Original and Factory Fresh!


A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN FACTORY ORIGINAL KIMBER OF OREGON STOCKS, NEW AND UNUSED: The photo shows 10 stocks but some have sold. For reference in the following text, the numbering of the stocks in the photo starts from the right hand stock as #1. #1 SOLD. #2 M84 Classic with inletted sling studs; 1 inch barrel channel = $990. #3 M89 Deluxe with Magnum barrel channel = $1300. #4 through #8 = $1850 each. #9 and #10 are SOLD. Stocks #4 through #7 have Magnum barrel channels. Stock #8 has a Featherweight barrel channel. Stocks #4 through #8 have AAA walnut, beaded cheek pieces, inletted sling studs, ebony foreend tips and 20 line per inch checkering. All stocks are complete with all appropriate metal installed.