Cooper Centerfire Rifle Magazines


As of 29 March 2023, Cooper magazine inventory includes the following items only   [NOTE: all available magazines have the matte blue/black bases]: 

M54 = 5 magazines available in the M54 Short configuration suitable for the following calibers: .22-250 Remington. 240 Win, .243 Win, .250 Savage, .260 Remington, 7MM-08, .308 Win

          2 magazines available in the M54 Long configuration with rear wall spacer, specifically for the .220 Swift caliber

Any of these magazines are priced at $140 each plus mailing cost. These are available until inventory is exhausted.

BE AWARE:  As of January 2023,Cooper Firearms of Montana no longer exists as a buisness entity. The magazines shown here are the last of our onventory and the last that we know of as being available to the public.