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SALE PENDING !!!   L & M Enterprises USA offers shooting enthusiasts a chance to own the exciting Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf semi-automatic battle rifle in a package deal consisting of a black rifle featuring the new piston operated upper, and upgrades designed to enhance functionality and performance. Included in this package are the following: gas piston rifle, single stage tactical trigger upgrade, threaded muzzle break upgrade, VLTOR multi-position collapsible stock, ammunition,  extra polymer magazines, folding tactical open sights, tactical sling, professional grade cleaning kit, Alexander Arms padded carrying case in black and a 50 Beowulf black T-shirt in size XXL.

The Alexander Arms.50 Beowulf® is the original big-bore cartridge for AR-15 style firearms.

Alexander Arms designed the .50 Beowulf® to generate devastating stopping power at short to moderate ranges. Combining the rugged reliability of the AR-15/M16 style weapons with a unique .500 inch projectile and cartridge, this semi-automatic weapon is ideal as a brush hunting weapon and is capable of knocking down virtually anything you may run across. For wild pig hunting, the rifle is without equal and is being used not only by hunters, but by game control agencies as well. Deer in close cover are easily taken with solid hits guaranteeing one shot kills and little or no tracking. The same reliable combination of heavy, large-diameter bullets and moderate velocities enable the .50 Beowulf® to tackle the largest game animals found in North America and it has been used against elk, buffalo, and bear with superb results.

Providing a semi-automatic, light-carbine with the performance of the venerable 45-70 rifle, the .50 Beowulf® has found wide acceptance with military and law enforcement agencies. The external ballistics of the .50 Beowulf® cartridge are well-suited to urban environments where the shorter range template allows for more flexible application and the large projectile energy delivered by the ammunition can disable both motor vehicles and assailants with body armor. Windscreen glass does not affect the trajectory of the bullet, nor do automotive body panels. With frangible projectiles, the .50 Beowulf® can be used on most training facilities with minimal or no damage and, with the addition of a muzzle brake to provide a stand-off, can be used for building entry.

The combination of devastating stopping power and dependable reliability packaged in a lightweight form factor familiar to sportsmen and men-at-arms around the world, makes the .50 Beowulf® rifle from Alexander Arms® the obvious choice.

For law enforcement purposes it is definitely suited to roles for which the 12 gauge slug is suitable, and it is significantly more powerful and accurate than a rifled slug to boot.

Features and Upgrades: 16.375 inch chrome-moly, phosphated barrel with 6 groove, 1 in 20 inch twist rate; factory fitted and installed threaded Pepperbox muzzle break; Alexander Arms gas piston operated upper; factory fitted and installed single stage tactical trigger assembly; Picatinny rail with Samson Evolution Series -EX, 7 inch handguard; and VLTOR 5 Position Enhanced Mod Stock with integral battery storage compartments.

NOTES ABOUT GAS PISTON TECHNOLOGY: Gas piston technology was first used in modern firearms by Mikhail Kalashnikov on the AK-47. While similar to direct impingement systems, there are a few key differences in operation. The firing process again begins with propellant gases being bled into the barrel. Instead of being forced into a tube as it is in a direct impingement system, the gas is contained in a separate cylinder. The cylinder contains a piston (similar in operation to what you may find in an AK-47). The gas moves the piston, and the piston pushes the bolt carrier rearward to effect extraction and ejection. Then the bolt carrier is pushed forward to the closed position by a spring,  just as with direct impingement.

The action of a gas piston rifle remains cool and clean, even after shooting multiple rounds in rapid succession. The bolt carrier can be removed immediately and held in your hand without burning yourself.

The VLTOR Carbine Enhanced Modular Stock includes a reinforced adjustment/ locking pin, an aluminum strike plate, and an additional AA battery storage compartment. New for this model is the heavily textured rubber butt pad which helps in reducing recoil as well as slippage from the shoulder. The stock comes with two integral battery tubes which serve the additional purpose of providing a solid cheek-weld. These tubes will hold three AA batteries or 4 of the CR123 batteries that most weapon lights are using. The stock has 5 positions from full extension to completely collapsed. See OAL &  LOP measurements below.

Due to the increased size of the ejection port required to eject the fat Beowulf case, no dust cover is included, but the receiver does have forward assist.

10 POLYMER MAGAZINES, 10 SHOT: Alexander Arms® 10-round capacity .50 Beowulf® polymer magazine made in Israel by CAA Command Arms. This magazine is manufactured to the most stringent quality levels and exceeds the quality requested for military service. The unit is manufactured from glass fiber reinforced polymer and has a self-leveling follower. The spring is stainless steel.

1 CASE FACTORY .50 BEOWULF AMMUNITION: 400g Hawk FP- big game load. Ballistics coefficient: 0.202. Nominal muzzle velocity: 1,820 FPS. 10 boxes of 20 cartridges.

1 TACTICAL SLING: Blue Force Gear Vicker’s Combat Applications Sling in black.

1 SET OPEN SIGHTS, COLLAPSABLE: Troy Industries Folding Battle Sights, Front and Rear. Low profile when folded; dual locking apertures; life time limited manufacturer’s warranty.

1 CLEANING KIT: Otis Technology Breech to Muzzle Cleaning Kit with life time manufacturer’s warranty.

Weight with Troy sights and one 7 round magazine, empty = 7 pounds 12 ounces.

OAL, VLTOR collapsed = 33 ¾ inches. OAL, VLTOR fully extended = 37 inches.

LOP, VLTOR collapsed = 11 5/8 inches. LOP, VLTOR fully extended = 14 7/8 inches. Barrel = 16 inches; with brake = 17 ¾ inches.