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Among riflemen who compete to create the smallest target group with the .22 Long rifle cartridge, Cooper’s TRP3 enjoys a reputation for repeatable accuracy and consistent performance. This tradition for accuracy and performance is the TRP legacy that began when the first TRP was introduced in the early 1990s. This particular example features a laminate, BLUE, RED, YELLOW, GREEN, & CHARCOAL stock, manufactured by Cousineau laminate woods. The stock is dressed with a black rubber butt pad, straight comb, slightly oversized grip and a flared forearm with flat underside for solid stability. The stock’s finish seals the laminate and enhances the colors. Additional features include: a single shot bolt action with a fully adjustable trigger group, threaded to a stainless steel, full dimension barrel with bead blasted finish and a crowned muzzle. The trigger is factory set to a pull weight of 1.5 pounds. The matte finished stainless steel barrel is 25 inches long and is 7/8 inch diameter at the muzzle. Overall rifle length of 43 inches, with a 13.5 inch length of pull. Weight of approximately  9 pounds with bolt in, and approximately 9 pounds 4 ounces with representative rings and bases but no scope.  This wonderful Cooper TRP3 is new-in-box and fresh from the factory. A tack driving .22LR for the competitor or shooting enthusiast who enjoys the exceptional!! 

We have delivered many of these Cooper TRP3 to shooting enthusiasts, including a customer in California who sent us a message about his Cooper. Here is his reaction to the rifle’s performance: “Mike, I clear coated and buffed the stock, polished the barrel. Just got back from the range and my face hurts from smiling much. This rifle is out shooting my $3500 Anschutz rifle. Thanks for the great rifle. Pete” Take a look at the two images of Pete’s targets, the ones with green rings. Clearly, Pete knows how to shoot, and he knows how to choose quality rifles. Pete chose the Apple Jack laminate in red and grey for his Cooper TRP3.

Another of our customers, a marksman from Indiana, recently wrote us about his Cooper TRPs, sporting one of the Yellow Jacket laminates shown in the photo group. An excerpt from his message follows: "Mike, finally got my TRP dialed in and ready for competition. The Jard trigger and Harrell tuner helped, but getting a few hundred rounds down the barrel was the answer. This thing is crazy. I have 2 custom CZ's and 4 Anschutz's. Was looking for the next step when I was thrown ahead 10 paces by the cooper. It will shoot with the 2013 square receiver Anschutz and custom Stiller actions all day long. Thanks for a great rifle. I included a couple pics of a target today. The sighter bull has a 5 shot grouping. This was with SK Standard Plus ammo. Ray" Ray's two photos (the NRA target sheets) show a tight 5 shot group for the sighter bull (hardly the diameter of a spent .22LR case) and a standard NRA target sheet with 10 bulls. Great rifle! Great marksman!

Here is your opportunity to join Pete and Ray in shooting one of America’s finest .22LR bolt action rifles. Shouldn't you own and shoot a Cooper TRP3?

CY2018 list price for one of these TRP3s with the laminate stock is $2555. The wait time is about 8 months. We offer you this example, available today, for $2305, a discount of $250 without the wait!! (Note: we anticipate that the CY2019 prices will be higher.)