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A VERY RARE, oak cased example of the Wildey Firearms Company SURVIVOR, semi-automatic pistol in .45 Winchester Magnum with 7 inch barrel. Wildey made this pistol as a PRESENTATION GRADE LASER ETCHED COMMEMORATIVE pistol to commemorate the “1ST GAS PISTOL”, PATENTED NOV 2 1976. THIS IS THE ONLY EXAMPLE OF THE PRESENTATION GRADE WILDEY THAT WE HAVE EVER OFFERED.

This is a “massive design” that fires an extremely powerful cartridge and is intended for serious big game hunters. This pistol was manufactured in Cheshire, Connecticut, using a gas operated rotary bolt, double action, semi automatic design chambered in the 45 Winchester Magnum cartridge. The barrel is equipped with a matte vent rib with blade front sight and the rear sight is adjustable. The right side of the slide is marked "WILDEY FIREARMS CO/CHESHIRE, CT. U.S.A./PATENTED NOV. 2, 1976". The left side of the slide is engraved with an eagle clutching a banner against an American flag. The banner is marked "COMMEMORATING 1ST GAS PISTOL". The Liberty Bell is engraved on both sides of the slide behind the serrations. The caliber is marked on the bottom of the barrel, and the serial number is on the left rear of the frame. This wonderful Wildey is fitted with checkered walnut grips. Complete with oak presentation case with blue velvet lining, two keys, cleaning rod, Wildey Owner’s Manual dated 1982, two factory letters and research materials.

NEW and unfired in oak presentation case. Slight handling/storage marks. The case is good with a few minor scuff marks and scratches on the lid. Mechanically excellent. EXTREMELY RARE!  SN:45-565  This is the only example of the presentation variation of the Wildey Survivor that we have ever offered.


The .45 WIN MAG cartridge, provides the shooter in a semiautomatic pistol with a higher performance level than the .44 Remington Magnum. The .45 WIN MAG cartridge can fire a heavier bullet than the .44 Magnum at higher velocities.

The .45 WIN MAG gained a following among IHMSA competitors as it provided the power and performance necessary to knock down targets at an extended range. The cartridge has been used by handgun hunters and is among the few semi-automatic pistol (as opposed to revolver) cartridges which have been adopted for this sport

the Wildey was the first patented gas-operated, semi-automatic, auto-loading pistol. This Wildey Survivor is a double action/single action, gas operated, stainless steel constructed pistol capable of consistent, reliable operation with heavy or light loads for the specific caliber for which it is chambered. Using a patented gas system consisting of an air-hydraulic piston powered by the firing gases through six small holes in the barrel. This piston forces the slide rearward, initiating the operation (cycling) of the pistol. Opening or closing the gas regulator adjusts the degree of “kick” the pistol gives the slide. The smaller the kick, the slower the slide moves. The harder the kick, the faster the slide moves.