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Colt Pocket Positive Double-Action Revolver in .32 Police caliber, manufactured in 1908 (according to the Colt Archives).

In 1905, Colt introduced the Pocket Positive as an improvement on the Colt New Pocket and the New Police revolvers. The Pocket Positive incorporated an internal, passive-hammer block safety that prevented the hammer-mounted firing pin from falling on a live cartridge unless the trigger was held all the way to the rear. This safety was held to be foolproof or, in other words, “positive.” The new revolver design became the Pocket Positive and the Police Positive.

Colt designed the Positive revolvers for the inside-lubricated cartridge similar to the currently offered S&W .32 S&W Long. The Colt version was the .32 Colt New Police, almost identical to and interchangeable with the .32 S&W Long. The difference between the two cartridges was that the S&W cartridge had a round-nose lead bullet and the Colt cartridge had a flat tip lead bullet.

The Pocket Positive main frame, grip frame and barrel are well proportioned. The barrel and extractor rod are unencumbered by a shroud. The cylinder latch forms part of the recoil shield and is both elegant and functional.

The Pocket Positive disappeared from the Colt lineup in 1940, and its place was taken by the Detective Special and Police Positive Special.

This example of Colt Pocket Positive has the following features: blued finish with nitre blued trigger; 3 ½ inch barrel; half-moon fixed blade front sight; checkered hammer tang; checkered cylinder release; checkered, hard rubber grips with COLT in ovals.

85 – 90% bluing remains with wear at muzzle along barrel, grip straps and here and there elsewhere. Honest use as a pocket revolver. Bore bright and strong. Inside of grips marked in pencil with serial number. Last patent date is July 4, 1905. July 4 ... a fitting date for a classic Colt‼!

Serial Number 65235 (stamped on frame and cylinder carriage)

Cash price $750